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Bridging gap between Teachers and Students.


The Institute of Harkisan Mehta is one that reduces the gap between teachers and students. Teachers think of students as their colleagues and come into direct contact with the students by helping them to discover themselves.

Teachers put up a challenging question and assignments for students.  For example, can trees fart like humans do? Students actually enjoy this type of challenging questions. It makes them think and brain storm more out of their heads. Answers are right or wrong, it doesn’t matter much, but the interest to think and learn more, reduces the gap between teachers and students. The faculty members of Harkisan Mehta are well trained professionals and help students to learn well and understand his or her weak and good points too. The students get respect when they give respect to their teachers. Teachers at this institute open up their past experiences to students and tell students about what they did, like when they were in tight scheduled situations & when they were even looked down upon or fired & what they learned from those experiences. This too has reduced the gap between teachers and students and has made a friendly study environment at Harkisan Mehta institute. Also, fun chats and jokes between teachers and students and institute assistants and members have lead to a friendly environment to learn in. Teachers at The Institute of Harkisan Mehta try their best to exchange shyness and students’ weaknesses with building confidence in students. During study time there is seriousness and during fun time there is fun. Teachers do their best to make teaching secessions light-hearted and interesting for students to learn well and grasp the concept easily. The access to internet to has been another way where we see teachers and students both use internet for information or knowledge or news and updates. They also use internet to download and send music and movies to each other and upload pictures and chat with each other on social websites like facebook and twitter. At our institute teachers teaching courses like Journalism, Creative Writing, Ad and Pr and Film Appreciation, show the students how to work in the real world when students are pursuing their futures in these courses. Teachers prepare students for future challenges by the method of practical studies.  There’s no doubt journalism has few students, but to work in this field for our futures is quite challenging and awesome. Because more than anyone, you would get to know what’s happening in the entire universe in 10 seconds or in a minute, or in an hour. Our future journalists who deliver any kind of tickers, interviews or news would be called ‘‘Hermes, The God of Messengers’’. 11892140_997954023561041_249401201862843713_n

Our teachers at Harkisan Mehta are those people who take lots of efforts to develop the next generation for the world’s coming challenges. Most students in the world today are thankful to their teacher for teaching them and helping them to become better people. Even old students till today are in good contact with the teachers of Harkisan Mehta. At one point of time, our teachers were students too; so they understand students much better than parents.

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Creating Minds that Question! #HappyTeacher’sDay

05.09.2016.jpgWhat makes a good student great? Perseverance, the will to prove oneself or plain old burning the midnight oil? A student needs to persevere when the going gets tough. The will to prove oneself makes perseverance possible and burning the midnight oil is the process that makes it all possible. In a world of million aspirations and dreams along with countless opportunities it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Who then is the component or catalyst that creates a student who can tough it out in the real world and be ready to face its challenges head on? It’s a teacher who determines the true worth of a student. They do so by making the students self – sufficient enough to realize their own worth. Being a student is not easy, being a teacher is harder. There’s a lot our teacher’s contribute when they shape us from imperfect clay to a perfect work of art. How they do it is what decides what shape the student takes. First day for a student at HMMRA is like first day at any institute or university. We’re all hopeful eyed, optimistic and enthusiastic minds ready to explore the new environment and make it our own. It’s what happens after that point is what sets HMMRA apart from the rest, once you meet the teachers. Right from the first lecture it’s pretty clear that none of us are here to learn the subject, we’re here to experience the subject so that we may apply it in the real world everyday for the rest of our lives. Our teachers don’t sell optimism to us neither do they tell us we’re going to rule the world. They teach us to understand the world before we may aspire to rule it. They show us the path to being real and give us the tools and favours in form of skill that they impart from their own experience and learning. They don’t call themselves teachers when teaching, they’re students who know better. Now a days even internet can teach you a subject and its application. Google your queries and questions and out comes volumes of information beyond your comprehension. A patient mind can sift its way through that and figure out the essence of the subject. Which is what we need our teachers for, right from childhood, so that we grasp what the subject is trying to tell us. To make a curious young mind question the subject beyond what it’s all about creates minds that cannot be caged by the rules set by the world. It creates not leaders but pioneers, who look at the world from an angle that simplifies it rather than overwhelm. In HMMRA we students learn this lesson right from the very first interaction with our teachers. It not only changes the way we view the world but makes us wonder what more could we do with it. “Be me or better than me”, says Mrs Runa Bhutra, a faculty member. Maybe it’s time the world views academics with such attitude that not only requires a teacher to be generous when imparting knowledge and wisdom but also inspires a student to be generous when trying to take in the core essence of what a subject tries to tell us. They teach us not how to view the world around us, but how we view ourselves in it. When we look at ourselves differently the world automatically looks and feels different. The teachers in HMMRA don’t distinguish themselves from learners, they believe in honing their learning skills each and everday. There hardly may have been any faculty who did not tell us on our first day that they’re here to learn from us as much as they’re here to guide us. They learn while they guide us and we learn as we grow under their guidance. A new and real world awaits us as students. It beckons us, challenges us, calls out to us. To explore it, revel in it, learn from it and change it. To do all that and to be all that we need people who’ve done it and been it. HMMRA offers us its teachers who in their time as a student and newbie out in the real world have made it come true. It is true for every student in the present as it is for the one’s in the past and for the one’s to come in the future, to prove to be tougher than the challenge you face. To be wiser each time you come out of it, no matter what the outcome.